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After School Programs

 After School Programs - A great way to visit Snow Creek 4 times at the very low price of $20 per student (per visit)! 

School Presentations avaiable upon request! Just call 816-640-2003 or email to schedule.  

This 4-week program is designed for students in grades 5 - 12 and is available after school, from 3:30pm - 9:00pm, Monday thru Friday. (Excludes MLK & Pres. Day holidays) All you need is a group of 15 or more students and a group leader/organizer who will work with Snow Creek, make reservations and pick up all tickets at the Group window.

This season, we have added some awesome new benefit choices for the organizer!

This program allows skiers to visit Snow Creek once a week for 4 weeks (you may schedule more than 4 visits) and INCLUDES your snow pass and rental equipment for the bargain rate of $20 (per visit. It is $20 for lift only or lift & rental - one fee fits all!) Students will have the additional option of taking a group lesson, at the cost of $7 per lesson. These prices do not include sales tax. When the Sponsor sets up and schedules the school's 4 visits, they will need to provide Group Sales with a copy of the school's tax exempt letter for our file; only one copy will be necessary for the 4 visits. 

Helmet Rental is available this season at the low cost of $5.

Never skied before? Don't worry - this program is not just geared toward intermediate skiers, but beginners as well. Our instructors will take you through the basics such as stopping, turning and use of the surface lifts. If you have never skied before - be sure to sign up for several lessons. It will enhance your overall experience.

How to get started:

 Benefits of being a After School Group Organizer

An Organizer can choose one of the following

*Family- immediate family members of the same household.


Need a pass that allows more ski visits throughout the season? Check out Snow Creek's General Season pass information page.   Season Passes