Snow Report


February 19, 2017 | Updated: 7:00am

Skiing & Snowboarding (9am-12am)
Snow Tubing (10am-12am)

DAILY SKIING CONDITIONS: Machine groomed, loose, wet granular

NOTES: On warms days like this, brining extra socks, gloves, and sunscreen (and lip balm with SPF) is recommended! We are ready for some fun in the sun! Come on out and join us!

WEEKEND HOURS:Sunday 9am-12am *Special Moonlight Session | Monday 9am-9pm *Monday Night Special begins at 4pm | Tubing Opens at 10am each day.

EVENTS: President's Holiday Weekend 2/18-2/20 | Special Moonlight Session 2/19 (open until 12am) | 2017/18 Season Passes go on Sale! 2/21 | *Green Giant had to cancel this weekend due to a car accident the sampling team had on the way here. Everyone is OK! We look forward to their possible return next season.

SKI & SNOWBOARD TRAILS Difficulty Open Closed Comments
Snow Base:  29-40"
New Snow: 0" 
Lifts Open: 5 of 5
Trails Open: 12 of 12
Rainbow Ridge Easy Trail X    
Oregon Trail Easy Trail X    
Flatlands Easy Trail X    
Lower Sixshooter Intermediate Trail X    
Wild Turkey Intermediate Trail X    
Holiday Bowl Intermediate Trail X    
Santa Fe Intermediate Trail X    
Jason's Run Intermediate Trail X    
Gunslinger Intermediate Trail X    
Jayme's Way Intermediate Trail X    
Wagon Wheel Intermediate Trail X    
Upper Sixshooter Difficult Trail X    
Rattlesnake Terrain Park Freestyle Terrain x    
Progression Park Freestyle Terrain X    
SKI LIFTS Trails Served Open Closed Comments
Jayhawk Intermediate TrailDifficult Trail X    
Show Me Intermediate TrailDifficult Trail X    
Tiger Intermediate TrailEasy Trail X    
Long Rider Rope Tow Easy Trail X    
Easy Rider Carpet Easy Trail X   *Operations are based on demand.
SNOW TUBING Open/Closed Comments
A General Rule for Snow Tubing: Fresh, natural snow makes the tube-runs slower, not faster.  Very cold weather generally means faster runs.  A medium temp day with the sun out may also make for faster runs as the top layer of snow may melt just a little and increase the speed.  It is always a good idea to walk down and check things out for yourself before you purchase your ticket.
Tornado Alley Tube Park 10am-12am Tubing Speeds are expected to be slow this weekend. Your best chance for faster speeds is around opening or after the sun goes down. Call 816-640-2200 for tubing conditions.

**Surface conditions listed are at opening time and are subject to change due to weather, time of day, skier traffic and other factors. Always watch your fellow skiers and snowboarders along with other obstructions, both natural and man-made. Ice, thin spots, bare spots and variations on the snow surface can and will exist.   Click for Snow Conditions Terminology

***Snowmaking is possible at any time and should be anticipated regardless if the Snow Report states it or not. While specific trails may be noted for possible snowmaking, that DOES NOT exempt any other trail from snowmaking. In order for us to provide our customers with skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing services, we have to make snow when we can. We know conditions are unfavorable during snowmaking; HOWEVER, Midwest weather does not always provide good snowmaking conditions and we must seize all opportunities when we have them.

****All open lifts operate as an as-needed basis. The number of lifts listed at open is an estimate of the day. High winds or weather may cause temporary lift closures at any point.
*****Any partial closure of the slope due to events or lessons on a given day will be noted next to that trail. Especially on days when snowmaking has occurred overnight, every trail may not open right at opening time. If there is a lot of snow to push for fine-tuning to be done on the surface, a staggered start may be necessary to ensure that the snow conditions on each trail are optimized for your enjoyment.
Always follow Your Responsibility Code when you are out on the slopes.
Remember, you are responsible for your possessions while visiting our resorts. Refrain from bringing any extra items into the lodge if at all possible, and use token or digital lockers (located in the Rental Department or in Ticket Lobby) to secure the items you must bring with you. If you leave your skis or snowboard in the outdoor racks use locks to secure them. Personal locks are available for sale at the Ticket Windows.