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When is Opening Day for the 2018/19 Season?

Sat, Dec 1 - Sun, Mar 10

Location: On Mountain

12/10/2018 UPDATE:

Snow Creek is not open for the season. We have not yet announced an Opening Date. Please visit our Snow Report for updates. 

Snow Report

Opening Day is always the hardest to pinpoint. Weather 100% dictates when we can open for the season. We do not rely on natural snow, but rather on below freezing temperatures. Once we do open, however, we can stay open with snow on the ground even if the temperatures reach above freezing (40's, 50's, 60's, 70's etc). The best time to make snow is when the temperatures are in the low 20's or teens. Yes, we can make snow at 30 degrees, but the quality isn't as good. And Don't forget, humidity, water temperate, and ground temperature all play a part too. 

When it comes to the start of the season, deciding on the best time to make snow is tough. We can usually start making snow around the 1st of December, but we need cooperation from good 'ole Mother Nature. We do our best to get the snow on the ground in plenty in time for our projected opening day, but we can only do what She allows. Rest assured that we want to be open as much as you do!

Once we do know opening day, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our Website will be updated. We will also send out an Email.

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Always check the Snow Report before coming out to Snow Creek for updates on snow and tubing conditions.

Think COLD!  Think SNOW!


ALL EVENTS ARE TENTATIVELY SCHEDULED as they are contingent on weather conditions, snow quantity, and other important factors. We recommend all guests check our website and daily Snow Report before visiting. Although every precaution is taken to ensure accuracy, errors or misunderstanding in price, quantity, and/or specifications may occur. We reserve the right to correct such errors without notice.