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Tornado Alley Tubing Park


  • Retrieve your pre-purchased tickets at the ticket windows located at the main lodge before walking to the tubing area.
  • Guests choose their tube then head to the top using the conveyor lift.
  • It is a short walk from the conveyor to the top of the tube lanes.
  • Guests will be instructed by tubing attendant(s) when to go down the lanes.
    • Each person must ride in their own tube.
    • Guests must sit in the tube or on top of the tube. Riding on stomachs is not allowed.
    • Guests must be able to tube unassisted.  Staff will not be pushing tubes.
  • Once at the bottom of the lanes, guests must promptly stand up and walk to end of lanes.
  • Repeat until your session expires.
  • Have fun!

Tubing tickets are sold online.  Ticket may sell out for busy periods such as weekends and holidays. Tubing does have limited availability per day, book early!


Is my tubing ticket refundable?

  • We know there’s a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, so if your plans change, your tubing ticket is refundable (terms apply). If you have not used your tubing tickets, they are fully refundable until 24 hours prior to ticket’s start date. Refund requests received after 24 hours prior to your ticket’s start date will not be honored, except in certain circumstances (see terms for full details)

How do I request a refund?

  • To request a refund, you need to:
  • Email with all of your order information.  These requests are processed quickly as the local sales team works through all of the requests. Emailing is better than calling, as it marks the date and time of the request.
  • Visit the resort ticket window by no later than 24 hours prior to your ticket’s start date.
  • Submit an online request form no later than 24 hours prior to ticket’s start date (may take up to 8 weeks to process).

What if Vail Resorts closes a resort or cancels my ticket due to Covid-19 - how will refunds be handled?

  • Your safety is our priority, and it is possible that we will have to cancel your ticket due to Covid-19.
  • In the event that we make the difficult decision to close a resort or cancel your ticket, we will strive to do so in advance of your visit, and we will issue you a full or partial refund depending on the number of tubing ticket days affected. In the event of a resort closure or ticket cancellation, we will make an effort to notify you directly by email. We encourage you to also check the relevant resort website, Facebook page, or Instagram account for notifications. While we will do our best to issue your refund promptly, we cannot guarantee that your refund will be processed within a specified period of time (see terms for full details).

What if I am injured or fall sick – can I request a refund?

  • Unused tubing tickets are fully refundable until 24 hours prior to your ticket’s start date.  

Reminder: You should not come to the resort if you: (i) are experiencing signs and symptoms of COVID-19 not due to a known health condition, (ii) tested positive or were diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 10 days, (iii) have been directed by public health or a medical provider to quarantine or isolate, or (iv) have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 (see CDC guidelines)

The tubing area is a small 2-5 minute walk to the tubing area on a gravel path from the main lodge.

We do not allow vehicles to drive to the tubing area.  

We allow one person per tube. We do allow several tubes to "link" together so a parent can hold on to their child's tube or friends can experience the ride together. (The parent should be in the lead tube and the child behind.) The maximum amount of tubes that can link together is 2. With that said, it is at the discretion of the Tubing Manager on duty. Faster tubing speeds may require us to limit the amount of tubes that can link together.

Snow Creek does not define the age requirement. We expect people to use common sense and good judgment. With that said, under 2 is not recommended.

Remember that only one person is allowed per tube. If you are bringing younger children, the adult should hold on to the child's tube. This is important also to help the child get up at the bottom, out of the tube and walk safely in the right direction to go to the tube lift again.

Minimum height for all riders is 42 inches (3 feet 6 inches) tall
Our Snow Tubes have a hard plastic bottom with handles on the sides. Small children are able to sit inside the tube if they are not big enough to lay on top of the tube. It is easy for bigger kids and adults to hang on to another person's tubes as they go down together.
We do not allow personal sleds or tubes to be used on the tubing runs. The tube rental is included in the cost.

Yes, tubing conditions are affected by the weather. Warmer weather (45 degrees+) brings slower tubing speeds while colder weather (32 degrees and colder) creates faster tubing speeds. The colder it is, the faster the tubes will go.
All types of conditions can be fun. If you prefer faster speeds, early morning or after the sun goes down are usually your best chance to experience faster speeds. Natural snow is fun to play in, but creates slow tubing conditions.
Don't forget you can view tubing conditions from the Web Cams on our website.

*Tubing tickets are non-refundable due to conditions.

We have 2 conveyors that take guests and their tubes back to the top. We ask that guests stand while riding to the top holding their tube. We do not allow guests to sit, run, or walk on the conveyor. Children are not allowed to sit in tubes and ride to the top.
We do not offer Tubing passes.
Dress according to the weather and as if you were going sledding. We do suggest dressing in layers and waterproof clothing is recommended.