General FAQs


How do I purchase a Season Pass

  • To purchase a season pass you can go to the Epic Pass Website. You can also call 970.754.0005 for any pass purchasing or questions.

How do I pick up my Season Pass?

  • If you have completed your information online then your season pass will be mailed to you. If you are missing something from your order/account online then you will be able to pick up your season pass from Snow Creek. If you have questions about your pass or purchase please call 970.754.0005.

My Season Pass hasn't come in the mail, what should I do?

  • First check and make sure that everything has been updated in your account on If it has, then it may not have made it to you through the mail due to delays with the USPS. If it has not arrived by the time you have a reservation at Snow Creek, you can pick up your pass from our outdoor ticket windows on site when you arrive.

I lost my Season Pass, what should I do?

  • If you lose your season pass you will need to call the help center to report it missing. They will shut off your missing pass. You can then request to have a new pass printed on site.

How do I request a refund for my pass?

  • Review the EPIC COVERAGE information. Please reach out to the Epic Pass team by calling 970.754.0005.

How do I use my SWAF and Buddy Tickets?

  • These tickets can be purchased through your account.

How do I use my "Extra Days" on my Epic Day Pass?

  • You can do this by calling 816.640.2200 or by emailing

I purchased my lift ticket online, now what do I do?

  • If this will be your first time visiting Snow Creek, when you arrive you will visit our outdoor ticket windows to pick up your lift ticket card.
  • Keep this card on you in a coat pocket, on a lanyard, etc.  Scanners will scan for your ticket when you get on lifts.
  • When you leave for the day, keep this ticket so you can reload it for your next visit!

Do Lift Tickets include rentals?

  • No, lift tickets do not include rentals.
  • Rental can be purchased separately at the outdoor ticket windows when you arrive or online.

What is the difference between the standard Lift Tickets and Night Lift Tickets?

  • Standard Lift tickets are good for open to close.
  • Night Lift Tickets (After 4pm/After 6pm) are good from 4pm to close or 6pm to close.

Is my Lift Ticket good for Tubing?

  • Lift Tickets are only for Skiing and snowboarding.  Tubing tickets are a different separate ticket.
  • Find tubing tickets at the following link: TUBING TICKETS

How do I purchase large numbers of tickets at once?

  • If your are purchasing multiple tickets for a single day, increase the number of tickets to the number needed and add to your cart.  You will need the information for all skiiers/riders at the time of purchase/reservation.
  • If you are buying multiple tickets for different days, add all of the tickets you need from a single day to your cart.  Then return to the ticket page and add tickets for another day.  Repeat as needed.
  • If you are buying tickets for multiple age brackets, add one age bracket to your cart.  Then return to the ticket page and add tickets for another age bracket.  Repeat as needed.

Do I have to go to the ticket window to get my lift ticket every time I visit?

  • No!  After you visit for the first time, you will get a lift ticket card.  This card is reloadable!
  • Keep your lift ticket card and the next time you purchase a lift ticket online, log in with the same account information and your new lift ticket will be loaded onto the lift ticket card.

I lost my lift ticket card, what should I do?

  • If you have lost your lift ticket card, you can visit our ticket window to have it reprinted for you.


Is Snow Creek Tubing open?

How Much does tubing cost?

All tickets are a 2 hour time block.

  • $38 Online / $40 Window 

How do I buy Tubing tickets?

Tubing tickets are available for purchase online.  If a date/time states the session is sold out, there are no tickets available for that session.

Tickets are also available for purchase at the ticket window for walk ups.  These tickets are only available if the session shows availability online.

  • Ordering online is recommended, tubing tends to sell out!  Buy Tickets on our TUBING web page.

How old do I need to be to snow tube?

  • Snow Creek does not have a minimum age requirement for tubing but the minimum height is 42 inches. The child must be able to safely ride by themselves in a tube. All tubes are single rider only.

*More information about tubing available on the tubing web page

Do you offer ski rentals at Snow Creek?

  • Yes!  We have Ski Rentals (comes with helmet, boots, and poles), Snowboard rentals (comes with helmet and boots), and Helmet rentals.

Can I rent just the skis or just the snowboard (no boots)?

  • No.  Our rentals come as a complete package.

How do I rent equipment (ski/snowboard)?

  • Equipment can be purchased online or on site when you arrive.  There is an online cost and a window cost.  Save money by purchasing online in advance!  We recommend purchasing your rentals online before you visit when you purchase your lift tickets.  
  • If purchasing when you arrive, please visit our outdoor ticket windows to purchase.
  • You can find more about our rentals, including pricing, on our RENTALS web page.

Do you offer season long rentals?

  • Yes! Season long rentals are available at Snow Creek.

Do you have a military discount?

  • Yes we have a military discount for Ski/Snowboard Standard Lift Tickets
  • The standard lift tickets are for All Day.

Do you have a tubing/rental military discount?

  • No, The only military discount we have is on our ski/snowboard standard lift tickets.

Who is eligible for the military lift tickets?

  • Military Branch Includes:
    • US: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and Department of Homeland Security
    • Canada: Canadian Armed Force (CAF), Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF)

Who is NOT eligible for military lift tickets?

  • Branch: DOD, Contractors, Merchant Marines, Veterans
  • Status: Veteran, Veteran Dependent
  • Members of the Australian Military are not eligible for Military Lift Tickets


How do I get the military discounts on my tickets?

You are able to purchase military tickets on site at Snow Creek's ticket windows or by reaching out in advance using the methods below.  Military discounts cannot be applied for online purchases.

  • You can contact our sales team by calling or emailing.  Emailing is preferred, but you should allow 3-5 days.
  • Call the Vail Resorts call center at (844)-431-4888.

Purchase a standard lift ticket online from our website ticket page.

  •  When you arrive at the resort, head to the ticket windows with your military identification.
  • Have the sales team refund the difference from the standard lift ticket.



I can't buy a lift ticket for my child (4 and Under), are they allowed to ski/snowboard?

  • Yes!  Children 4 and under ski free at Snow Creek.  You can get a free pass with proof of age for them to use.

How do I get my free ski/snowboard pass for my child (4 and Under)?

  • On you first day of skiing/snowboarding, come to our outdoor ticket windows with your child's proof of age.  They will print a pass for your child.

Does the 4 and Under pass cover rentals/tubing?

  • No, the 4 and Under free pass only covers ski/snowboard lift tickets for the child.  You will need to purchase rentals or tubing tickets separately.

All Specific Products/Departments listed below have more specific FAQs located at the bottom of the linked pages.  Please check there as well as we continue to update our General FAQs.