Parent Field Trip Guide


Thank you for allowing your child to visit Snow Creek with their school. They are going to have a great time! Below you will find some Tips and Tricks to help prepare you and your child for a wonderful experience at Snow Creek.

Questions? Call our Field Trip Office at 816-640-2003


We understand that you probably don't have winter snow clothes lying around and we certainly don't expect you to go out and buy a new winter wardrobe prior to your school's visit. However, we do have some tips and tricks to help dress your child in clothing that will keep them the most comfortable while at Snow Creek.

Overall Goal: To stay warm and dry

  • GLOVES - waterproof gloves are a must. If you buy anything, it should be waterproof gloves. Gloves aid in keeping hands warm and dry. They are even important to have on warmer days (40+ degrees).
  • SOCKS - long, non-cotton socks are the best option for keeping feet warm. Wool or polyester socks work great. We recommend socks that are calf or knee length. Short socks, like ankle socks, can cause severe discomfort when worn inside a ski boot. Aim for socks that will reach above the ski boot. 
  • HATS -  Beanies fit snugly on heads and do great at keeping heads warm. A winter hat is good to have in any condition.
  • JACKETS -  Wind and waterproof jackets/coats will be best at protecting your child from the cold wind, keeping your child warm. Even rain jackets (with proper layers underneath) can be a good alternative option.
  • PANTS - The best option is, of course, is wind and waterproof snow pants. The next best option is water-resistant pants. We do not recommend jeans. 
  • LAYERS - Layering is the best way to keep you warm and help regulate body temperature. Vests, tank tops, long sleeve shirts, long underwear, sweatshirts, long underwear and footless tights work well as under-layers. Layers can always be added or removed to adjust comfort level. 
  • EXTRAS - Bring extra gloves if you have them. Your child will thank you when their other pair is cold and wet. Don't forget extra socks and pants, either. These are great to change in to for the ride home. 
  • NO COTTON - Cotton absorbs moisture. In cold conditions, wet clothing will make you cold.


Lockers are available for rent to store personal items. Our lockers except exact change or credit cards. Our lockers require a digital passcode created by the user. You no longer have to keep track of a key. We recommend bringing only what you need for your field trip. Don’t bring valuables

All Day Rental Rates: $5 small or $8 large. Large lockers are big enough to share with a friend.


  • Appropriate, respectful behavior is expected. Fighting, foul language, destruction of property, and rude behavior towards guests or staff will not be tolerated. Offenders will be required to sit out until departure.
  • Be courteous to Ski Instructors and listen carefully while taking the lesson.
  • Respect the rental equipment. Handle it carefully. Do not ski or walk on gravel/concrete with skis on.
  • Return rental equipment to the Rental Building before leaving.
  • Please help us keep our facility clean by throwing away your trash and pushing in your chairs.
  • Know and follow the Skiers Responsibility Code. See below.

Snow Boarding is not a part of the field trip. If a student wishes to try snowboarding, they will first have to complete the ski lesson and wait until  11:30am  when the slopes open to the public. At that time, they can also purchase a lesson at regular price ($20) to learn snowboarding. We encourage students to stick with skiing during the extent of their field trip visit.

Skier Responsibility Code

  • Always stay in control. Always be able to stop and avoid other people/objects
  • People ahead of you have the right of way. It is your responsibility to avoid them.
  • Do NOT stop where you obstruct a trail or are not visible from above.
  • Whenever starting downhill or merging into a trail, look uphill and yield to others.
  • Observe all posted signs and warnings. Keep off closed trails and out of closed areas.
  • Prior to using any lift, know how to load, ride, and unload the lift properly.


Your school is allotted a certain number of chaperones based on the number of students attending. Any parent(s) coming along that are not official chaperones may purchase a discounted ticket ($33 Lift, $57 w/Rental, $14 group lesson) beginning at 11:30am when Snow Creek opens to the public. 

FOOD & Drink

Lunch is provided with the price of a day-time field trip ticket. Additional food and drink items are available for purchase at the cafe. Items range from $2-$6 per item. 


If your child has a food allergy, we recommend sending your child with a lunch prepared from home. We cannot guarantee that any item will be allergy free. Please understand that Snow Creek cannot be held responsible for your child coming into contact with any allergens they may be susceptible to.